e-Distribution Platform that caries a wide range of product categories from Multi Principal, which serving General Trade channel with Sharing Economy Concept


To be the number one e-distribution service provider in Indonesia, Connecting producers, suppliers and customers together through an innovative digital platform.



Providing efficient and integrated e-distribution solutions to make things easier supply chain and accelerate product distribution to customers


Offers an easy-to-use, secure, and reliable digital platform for facilitating transactions and exchange of information between manufacturers, suppliers, and customer.


Increase the efficiency and speed of distribution by leveraging technology such as big data,analytics, and artificial intelligence.


Building long-term partnerships with manufacturers, suppliers and customers to support each other in achieving success and mutual growth.


Provide superior customer service by being responsive and meet the individual needs of each business partner

Problem we solve

Customers don’t have enough inventory until next salesman visit

Top up order from customer verbally or via messaging apps

Too many information given to customer in a short time

Diifficulty handling of a random delivery order

Need increase revenues & get extra income

Need source of fund & working capital

Dealing with rising distribution cost

Limited amount of time at customer’s during salesman visit

Low cost market expansion

Current Competitive Situations

Warung continously exists as a main option for consumers retail community HB especially in mid-low class to shop. Warung remains as a strongest consumer touchpoint in Indonesia, facing the digital era they need to be empowered.

Our Solution

Impact for Supplier
New Channel Distribution
Online to Offline Integrated System
Capture Opportunities In Between Sales Call
Sharing Cost by Share un-utilized Asset
Manage Service
Media Promotion
Working Capital
Cash Management
Solution Delivery
Order Generator from 85K
126 Warehouse & Fulfilmen
1000 Transport Last Miles & Mid Miles
Financial Solution

Order Generator from 85K

126 Warehouse & Fulfilmen

1000 Transport Last Miles
& Mid Miles

Merchandising / Promotion
Financial Solution
Impact for Mitra
Direct to Distributor
Direct Promo from Distributor
Working Capital


0 K+

Registered User

0 K+

Monthly active User

0 K+

Mid & Last Miles Transportion

0 K+

Fulfilment Centre



Additional New Customer Register (Business Expansion)

Type of Mitra : Retailer & Reseller Acquisition Type: Direct & Partnership Opportunities: Improve Mitra Density, Additional Coverage & Direct Distribution.

Capture 365 Days 24/7 Business Opportunities

Type: Serving In Between Sales Call Service Type: Order Management & Promotion Opportunities: Up Selling & Cross Selling.

Business Collaboration

Aligned with your existing “Tata Niaga Bisnis” Collaboration, not disturbing Opportunities: Empowering Your existing Business Partner & Ecosystem.

Sharing Warehouse & Logistic (Cost Sharing)

Idle Capacities Utilization Business Model: Economy Sharing, Pay as You Go & Cost per Drop Opportunities: Asset Utilization & Reduce Operation Cost.

Financial Solution

Market Segment : Distributor Type of Service: Credit Term Support & Cash Pick Up Opportunities: Healthiest Cash Flow & Reduce Operation Cost.

Payment Solution

Market Segment: Mitra Type of Service: Pay Later (0% for 1 Week, Up to 5 Mio) Opportunities: Increase Mitra Buying Power.

Our Team

Rudy Eko

Chief Executive Officer

Narto Sunarno

Chief Commercial & Operation Officer

Johanes Hartanto

Chief Technology Officer

Maria Dewi

Chief Service Officer

Ricky Safei

Head Of Engineering

Rudi Eko

CEO BarangKulakan

Combining online and offline distribution is the essential key with the rising costs of sales and acquiring new customers, especially when coupled with the utilization of the sharing economy for logistical operations.